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Tooling & Fixtures FADI-AMT

Tooling & Fixtures

Tooling & Fixtures-FADI-AMT

A wide array of grips, adaptors, dies, punches and custom fixtures for different types of tests and configurations.

Custom Tension testing grips of different force capacities
Custom Hydraulic grips of different force capacities
Grip inserts for various sheet thicknesses
Shear testing grips
Bending fixtures (ISO and VDA)
Bending anvils of different radii
Custom compression anti-buckling device
Forming punches of different sizes and shapes
Forming binder plates of different sizes and geometries
Bulge testing die inserts of different geometries and sizes
Extension shafts

Tools Set, FADI-AMT 3D Calibration Object, FADI-AMT FLC Tooling Set, FADI-AMT Mini Slack Adapter, FADI-AMT Serrated Binder, FADI-AMT Eliptical Die Inserts, FADI-AMT Custom Shaft, FADI-AMT High Speed Testing Grips, FADI-AMT