Welcome to FADI-AMT... The Hub for Quality & Innovative Mechanical Testing Solutions!


  • FADI-AMT is focused on advanced mechanical testing of materials and components, using state-of-the-art material testing systems and sensors (particularly the use of digital image correlation [DIC] and other optical metrology techniques for non-contact motion & deformation tracking). We strive to enhancing the quality and amount of information that can be extracted from conventional tests, as well as stretching the limits of material testing by developing solutions to what is conventionally labeled as difficult or impossible!

  • While we perform some standardized qualification tests, our greatest focus is on modified and customized (sometimes completely out-of-the-box) testing approaches and solutions … Our main goal is to support R&D activities with high quality data that provide a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative account of material deformation and failure!

Material Testing

Very comprehensive suite of standard and specialized tests with DIC covering a wide array of engineering materials … focus on lightweight materials for the transportation sector, and advanced materials for the energy sector.

Component Testing

Testing of components, sub-systems and complete systems under different loading cases and testing environments, in support of research and development efforts (all with DIC & Optical Metrology).

FEA Support

We understand how our experimental data is used in fitting material models and feeding into finite element (FE) material cards, therefore the services we offer are tailored to supporting this purpose on different level.

On-Site Services

We offer our equipment and expertise for in-house and on-site material/component testing activities that require integration with DIC and optical metrology.

Custom Testing Solutions

Specialized material/component testing solutions for needs that conventional commercial material systems fail to address.

Consultation & Training

Consultation on the selection of new testing systems and DIC systems, implementation of DIC and optical metrology in advanced measurements, advanced training on DIC setups and measurements in material and component testing.

Portfolio of Projects & Activities...

Material/Component Testing
(by Test Type)

  • Tension Testing

  • FLC Testing

  • HER Testing

  • Bulge Testing

  • Compression Testing

  • Tension/Compression Testing

  • Biaxial Testing

  • Bending Tests

  • Shear Testing

  • Multi-Rate Testing

  • Axial Crush Testing

  • Friction Testing

  • Other Custom Tests

Material/Component Testing
(by Application)

  • Automotive Qualification Testing Packages

  • Testing Packages for FE Forming Simulations

  • Testing for FE Springback Simulations

  • Testing Packages for Fracture Model Calibration

  • Testing Battery Materials (Thin Foils)

  • Testing under Crash Environments

  • High/Low Temperature Environments

  • Joints (mechanical, welds & adhesives)

  • Tryouts of Scaled-Down Stampings

  • Stamping Press Motion Tracking

  • Other Non-Contact Motion Tracking

Other Items & Activities
(FEA & Custom Testing Solutions)

  • Calibration of Material Models

  • Calibration of GISSMO Cards

  • Calibration of Springback Models (Yoshida-Uemori)

  • FE Simulations of Component Forming and Springback

  • FE Crash Simulations

  • Custom Bulge Testing Systems

  • Custom Tension/Compression Testing System

  • Other Custom Testing Solutions

  • Custom Formability Tooling

  • Custom Grips and Adapters